Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pop festival recital 2010

Today was Allie's first recital of the year and of course she did awesome! She has really developed a passion for music within the last six months or so and it is really starting to show. She actually ASKS to practice a couple times a day! What a blessing!!! She is teaching herself songs that aren't assigned (along with the ones Mrs. Yost chooses for her) and passing them the next week!! She's amazing! She's also playing trumpet in band at the middle school and seems to be picking that up quickly too! I don't know if a new trumpet is on the list for Christmas this year...might be. We shall see!

Not sure when my baby girl grew up but it's pretty evident here that she has. My oh my how beautiful she is. We are so proud of her and so blessed that God has entrusted her to us. Hope we don't screw her up too bad!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Piano recital!!!

Just got the info on Allie's first piano recital!!! Luke and Grace are too new to participate in this particular event, but their time will come!!! Our little Allison has become QUITE the musician if I do say so myself....annnnnd....I do. :D


TO: The Creswell Chronicle

Helen Hollyer & Gini Davis

FROM: Mary Ellen Yost

EVENT: Popular Music Festival

WHO: Area Music Students

SPONSORED BY: Oregon Music Teachers’ Association (OMTA)

PLACE: United Lutheran Church

2230 Washington Street, Eugene

DATE: Sunday Afternoon, October 24, 2010

CRESWELL PERFORMERS: (Students of Mary Ellen Yost)

Teresa Padilla Amador, 3rd Grade, Home School

Daughter of Silvia Amador & Arnoldo Padilla

Delaney Pietsch, 6th grade, CMS

Daughter of Therese Brubaker & Chris Pietsch

Allison Bagenski, Creslane 6th grade, CMS

Daughter of Becky & Mark Bagenski

Lauren Heater, Creslane 6th grade, CMS

Daughter of Kathy & Ron Heater

Olivia Powell, 8th grade, CMS

Daughter of Holly & Larry Powell

Lindsey Quigley, 9th grade, CHS

Daughter of Laurie & Dave Quigley

Jennifer Fincher-Beard, 11th grade, CHS

Daughter of Marcia & Kyle Beard

The above Creswell piano students will perform at the OMTA Popular Music Festival which features music of movies, television, jazz, and music of 21st century composers.

Performing on the 1:00 PM Festival Recital will be: Teresa Padilla Amador,

Delaney Pietsch, and Lindsey Quigley.

Perform on the 2:15 PM Festival Recital will be: Allison Bagenski, Lauren Heater,

Jennifer Fincher-Beard and Olivia Powell.

The Popular Music Festival will be an afternoon of easy listening and enjoyable music featuring Creswell students as well as students from the Eugene-Springfield area.

The public is invited and the festival recitals are free.

Friday, October 15, 2010

My little soccer players

The first game day for Luke and Grace was tons of fun. Their games were in adjoining fields which made it easier for us old folk! Thank goodness! They both had a great time and did very well!
Allie had her first "All nighter" party with Campus Life the night before and I only let her sleep 3 hours before dragging her to the games! HA! You play you pay, Sister!
She was compliant...not HAPPY, but compliant! :D
Gooooo Thunderballs!!!!
Goooooo Spiders!!!! (And Lukey has the ball! Woot!)
Soccer is a tiring game! Lots of water breaks!

Luke got traded for a bit to the other team. They had him come over and then put him on the sideline. We were
Allie's friend Mystika was at the game too...ALSO at the all nighter...ALSO on very little sleep! HA! I love meeting mean moms like myself!!!
Nana really gets into the game.
Daddy couldn't stand it...when Luke was goalie he had to go stand next to him and give tips.

Gracie was all up in that mess!! She loves it!
The All Stars! Ok...maybe not...but to me they are!
Annnnnd Daddy continued the tips all the way to the car.
Nana just snuggled.
Only a few more games. Soccer is fast this young! Only 5 weeks long. Next on the agenda I believe is ballet for them both. Luke wants to go back and Grace has been begging ever since Luke did it a couple years ago!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Molly Girl

Is pregnant. Poor baby has been super moody for well over a month. We thought she MIGHT be pregnant as she and my bestie's dog Walter (a shih tzu) got busy a few times while I was in Hawaii. But ya was the first time she'd ever mated, he's young, we weren't entirely sure they were even doing it right! LOL!!!! A week ago I was petting her and thought, nah...she would be fatter by now, it would be more obvious by now, she can't be.

Then 4 days literally over night...she got fat! Yesterday she was unable to jump up on our bed! Poor thing!! Then, like an idiot, I GOOGLED Papillion births. Word to the wise...NEVER EVER GOOGLE ANYTHING MEDICAL! I'm totally freaked out now. Papillions are hard to breed, they notoriously have narrow pelvises and puppies get stuck, go breach....just a multitude of issues. I'm freaking out. I've never been so in love with a dog like I am my Molly. She has the most loving personality of any dog I've ever had...I would be heartbroken if anything happened to her. So I'm gonna take some of my hard earned paycheck and take my baby to the vet next week. I want the doctor to either ease my mind and let me know that it will be ok....or plan a c-section.

So hopefully in a few weeks we will have pics of beautiful new Papi-tzus to post for y'all!! :) Maybe something like this......

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Exciting new adventures

So, all three kids are now in school all day. What's a mom to do? There's only so much dusting a vacuuming to be done in a week. Soooo, I've been applying for part time work at various places, one of which was a work from your home computer type thing. Amazingly enough...THAT'S the one I got!!!!

I will be trained tomorrow and then start work on Tuesday afternoon! I will work from my home computer moderating social websites for different businesses! I cannot even BELIEVE my luck. It's like the perfect job for me in every way! I have my friend, Rebecca, to thank 100%. She's been working for the company since February and put in a good word for me. I could never thank her enough...but I'll spend a lifetime trying!

So now starts the new challenge of challenging piano, sports, music AND WORK!!!! It's a happy struggle though...I can't wait!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My boy is 8!!! (almost)

So today we celebrated Luke turning 8! REALLY??? :( Where the heck did the last 8 years go? Honestly. He was super excited all day long, 4:30 took a long time to get here!!

Luke and Tiffany. She is my friend Barbara's cousin and we all are totally in love with her!! She is a beautiful, funny and awesome addition to our family.
My boy and me. He's getting so big. Ugh. But oh my is he ever handsome! Mark and I sure did make good lookin kids!
And HOW did THIS make such good lookin kids? Hmmm....
My girl, Tiffany and me.
Lukey's Mama and Daddy!
The birthday boy and all his loot!

With the new brother, Brian! :)
Gracie LOVES giving her brother and sister her OWN presents. And it usually consists of toys from her own toybox. I love this tradition! Luke is here reading her card...look at how happy she is! They love each other so much!

Nana always gives undies! LOL
Brian was the official "present holder". He deemed himself in charge. Too funny!
Harley loved all the tissue paper! And later on his sister, Alani had a great time with the darts from the new guns!

All decked out in the new dartgun game garb.
Harley was whipped after everyone went home! So much stimulation! LOL
My handsome cousin, Matt! :)
After the party slowed down, Tiffany had to get things going again. She started wrestling with the girls. Oh my flippin funny!!!!

Gracie tried so hard! LOL
But Tiff is just VICIOUS!
After they fought, they colored.
Such great artists! LOL

It was a great evening. Luke was so happy to have his family here to help him celebrate. He had a fantastic birthday! He actually turns 8 on Monday, so he's got another 2 days of celebration! :) Lucky kid!